GDPR Compliance

Lead generation under GDPR

At Contentive, we recognise that GDPR has had a massive impact for B2B marketers and lead generation activity. We have worked hard to make enhancements to our lead generation products, data capture process, contracts and documentation to help support our customers’ compliance with the GDPR whilst still delivering a steady, renewable flow of well-nurtured, motivated leads.

Below are some FAQs to help our customers understand what has changed and how we provide GDPR compliant leads for marketing solutions and events.

How does Contentive provide GDPR-compliant leads?

A core part of Contentive’s business offering are lead generation campaigns on behalf of our customers. These can be in the form of surveys, online events such as webinars, or downloadable assets such as reports or whitepapers.

To ensure our lead generation campaigns are GDPR compliant, we have implemented 1-2-1 consent to capture and process audience data on most of our sites.

However, for bobsguide, we have chosen legitimate interest to process data based on a membership database that connects buyers and sellers of financial technology. You can view the bobsguide privacy policy for more information. 

For all other lead generation teams, we have included a tick box which is an opt-in field for each customer we work with, to run alongside their thought leadership, brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to capture consent.

Example of 1-2-1 consent for ON24 lead generation campaign on ClickZ

How does Contentive capture audience data and ‘active consent’ and legitimate interest?

In addition to 1-2-1 consent, Contentive has implemented ‘active consent’ for all media and event brands where audience data is captured. This includes newsletter sign-ups, asset downloads (whitepapers, reports, etc), surveys and lead generation campaigns. This data will be recorded in our systems, with a specific timestamp via our marketing automation platform.

From 25th May 2018:

  • Consent: will be ‘active’ and given freely, in a specific, informed and unambiguous way (e.g. only those data subject agreeing to receive communications regarding webinars will be targeted by our webinar campaigns or attended an event)./li>
  • Right of Access: In order to allow data subjects to have full control of their data and subscription preferences, Contentive has updated both the Subscription and Preference Details pages in line with the relevant interests./li>

Example of ‘active consent’ for ClickZ: All fields are unticked by default

For Bobsguide, we process all existing and new audience data as legitimate interest and capture consent when individuals sign up to become a member of the site. 

Example of active consent from new Bobsguide members 

For our events and conference, we process all existing and new commercial partners and delegates via ‘active consent’ when they book for events.


Example of active consent from event sign ups

What specific changes had Contentive implemented to be GDPR-compliant?

Contentive has set up a central Office 365 SharePoint portal to share and process data. This portal will allow the Customer Success team to create individual folders for specific campaigns or customers and provide a safe and secure way to share data with third parties. Contentive will not share leads in non-encrypted or password protected Excel spreadsheets via email.

From 25th May 2018:

  • Third Party Data Sharing: Data subject will now be able to explicitly see which third parties their data has been shared with and manage this information as they see fit. Any data subject revoking their agreement to share their data with a specific customer will trigger an automated email to the data processor (”customer”) informing them of their decision./li>
  • Right to be Forgotten: Whilst data subjects will still be in a position to email [email protected] to request their information or exercise their right to be forgotten, Contentive has also opted for an online process that will enable data subjects to action their ‘right to erasure’./li>

Example of email notification sent to customer (Building Box)

GDPR Compliance Process

These changes affect all of our brands. Since GDPR came into effect on 25th May, we have implemented changes across our media and event brands:

On 25th May 2018, Contentive updated our privacy disclaimer informing our audience of their rights under GDPR (e.g. right to be forgotten by a “third party”) as well as to review Contentive’s terms of use and privacy policy

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about GDPR or our privacy policy, then get in touch via [email protected]