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At Contentive, we specialize in connecting your brand with over 1M senior finance executives through our industry-leading newsletters and news brands. Our flagship products, including Native Content, Newsletter Sponsorships, Solus Mailshots and Live Broadcast are designed to deliver targeted, high-quality content that drives engagement and builds brand authority.


Our expert team excels in content development, ensuring your message resonates with a highly engaged audience. We focus on scale, reach, and engagement, providing you with the tools to achieve your marketing goals and connect with key decision-makers in the finance industry.

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Our partnership with Contentive has become one of our key customer acquisition channels.


Yes. Clients can request a subscription. We have specialised packages available to ensure that it meets your unique needs. You can also book in advance.

We understand our audience deeply — what they read, how they engage, and what drives them to action. This insight allows us to craft highly effective campaigns that increase brand visibility and generate high-intent leads. Our newsletters boast high open and click-through rates, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with the right people.

Sponsoring our newsletters provides several benefits including:

Targeted reach by connecting with a niche audience of senior finance professionals. High Engagement as our newsletters have high open and click-through rates, ensuring your message is seen and acted on. And most importantly, it builds brand authority.

To advertise with Contentive, you can explore our various sponsorship and advertising options such as newsletter sponsorships, category sponsorships, Solus Mailshots, and native production.

We not only understand the importance of reaching a wide audience but also in engaging with an active one. Our senior audience is carefully curated and regularly engaged with relevant content, ensuring that your campaigns reach far while also gaining the right action and interest in what you have to offer. Take a look at the Audience Intel Report under “Our publications” for more.