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With an audience of over 70,000 fintech buyers and sellers every month, our readers are looking for insights, trends, analysis and help in sourcing fintech solutions. Whether via our website or engaging our 45,000 email subscribers, we can help to raise awareness and drive leads from a relevant, senior and engaged audience.

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Bobsguide attracts over 70,000 fintech buyers and sellers every month. They come to us for the latest insight from our platform, to source the best suppliers through our fintech product directory, to find new exciting job roles or discover digital talent for their business via our job listings, to learn about key live and digital events, and to download useful resources such as whitepapers and case studies.

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Our Approach

Our team of experts work with you to understand your campaign objectives and create a customized content led marketing program to cut through the noise to reach and engage with your target audience. We judge the success of your campaign not simply by the number of clicks or downloads but the direct ROI to your business.


We start by understanding how you want to measure success – whether that’s through marketing or sales-qualified leads, brand-building, networking or thought-leadership. 


Once we understand your goals and objectives, we build a bespoke campaign recommendation, targeted through a single Contentive brand or several of our communities. 


We develop a dedicated distribution strategy by disseminating your content across the most relevant channels, tailored to drive engagement with your audience. 


From the moment a campaign is launched, our goal is engagement of your target audience. We track the quality and volume of engagements against both your objectives and our campaign benchmarks


We constantly monitor and improve the performance of all live campaigns, keeping you updated every step of the way. This is an opportunity to learn what content works best for our community and optimise across all channels. 


Each campaign ends with a detailed report, showcasing the results of each campaign element, the conversion rates from one activity to the next, and any lessons that can be applied to future campaigns.

Case Study

Our customer helps organisations around the world manage risk and compliance, and grow safely and profitably by providing software, expertise and services to help them make critical business decisions.

Campaign Objectives

Generate brand awareness and thought leadership for the global risk management solutions provider, promoting the article on creating a robust operational risk management framework, which featured in the weekly newsletter and on the website.

The Campaign

Our team developed a thought leadership campaign around risk management solutions to generate brand awareness and sales qualified leads through multiple touch points including native content, newsletters and re-targeting campaigns.


The native content received 22,412 impressions,  demonstrating our customer could effectively use key messages within their content which would resonate with our audience. Once published, we optimized the content across the community, including newsletter promotion and across social media channels.

Our Customers

Companies we work with include:

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