Data-driven funnels: Lessons learnt from Fospha

Are you throwing away marketing $$? Fospha shows you how! Discover 4 data-driven hacks for top funnel success: Tools that work, Seamless integration, Fast insights, & Full funnel optimisation. Read more!
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Data-driven funnels Lessons learnt from Fospha

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Understanding and optimising the top of your funnel is fundamental to the success of any marketing campaign. Whether your chosen marketing channel is social media, emails, events or traditional advertising – having a simple and effective approach towards top of funnel lead creation will serve as the backbone of your customer acquisition journey. At Contentive, we have multiple marketing channels at play, so the top of our marketing funnel has always been a high priority. For this reason, we asked Fospha, a company we hold dear, to share some insights and lessons with us.

Firstly, who is Fospha?

Fospha is the industry-leading solution that powers profitable eCommerce growth. Poor measurement in marketing is a significant problem, with a value of $589 billion, and 60% of revenue is wrongly attributed to poor-fit platforms like GA and channels’ Ads Managers. With Fospha, spending your precious budget on the wrong ads is a thing of the past.

Fospha measures everything, including clicks and impressions across the full marketing funnel, with one highly trained model. Marketers using Fospha know precisely which ads are truly working. Brands using Fospha deliver profitable growth quickly.

Now that you know who they are, you are ready to hear from them.

Lesson 1: The right tools lead to the right results

One of the key insights from our time with Fospha is that it is often the lack of tools, or incorrect use of tools, that can make any business operation feel like an uphill battle. With their comprehensive suite of data analytics, attribution models, predictive and customer journey analysis, as well as visualisation and reporting tools, Fospha has shown us the power of having the necessary tools and knowing how to use them. Leveraging Fospha’s tool helps you understand your audience as well as provides helpful insights into your own business. For example: When using the basic click-based modelling used by Google Analytics, it’s near impossible to prove the impact of paid social. This means most brands are not reaching paid social’s full potential.

Lesson 2: Integration combats confusion

In the same way that it is pointless to have all the ingredients for a delicious meal but eat them all separately, it makes no sense to have all the necessary data sources and never use them in unison. An abundance of tools without the knowledge of where they fit in the overall system can be confusing and disheartening. With Fospha, you can get a comprehensive view of marketing data. Fospha’s seamless integration across all data platforms helps build a clear and comprehensive understanding of the marketing funnel, enhancing the accuracy and usefulness of the insights provided.

Additionally, If marketing is using Ads Manager data to capture impressions, and Finance is using click-based modelling in GA for an apparently more objective view, there is a misalignment between key stakeholders required to sign off a marketing budget. This makes it really hard for Marketing to invest in the activities they need to succeed.

Fospha offers objective modelling that accounts for clicks and impressions to get everyone singing off the same hymn sheet.

Lesson 3: Speed matters

Ever noticed how in the days after a conversation about “Taylor Swift”, all the content and ads coming your way are related to “Taylor Swift”? Even if you can look past the scary thought that businesses have been eavesdropping on your conversations, how are they able to produce the content you want to see within days, even hours of ‘listening’ in? The answer: they understand the power of fast! And Fospha is no different. From onboarding 10x faster than anyone in the market to providing real-time data at your fingertips, Fospha is committed to delivering value fast. Reducing the time between strategy and implementation means quicker results, resulting in shorter feedback loops and a more productive and efficient business. A combination of decades of data-driven expertise alongside a wealth of augmented tools and GenAI innovation has positioned Fospha to ensure that their clients are not only able to extract the data they need but can create actionable insights and then implement these insights faster than you can say “how can we use this data?”.

Lesson 4: Full funnel equals stronger performance

Key to Fospha’s success is their holistic approach to business, epitomised by their dedication to full-funnel development. Marketing at the top of the funnel is often reduced to influencers and affiliates, set aside for those who aren’t already occupied with the ‘important’  part of business: conversions in the lower funnel. With Fospha, upper-funnel marketing does not come at the expense of lower-funnel objectives; you can have your cake and eat it. This starts with developing a clear understanding of your target audience. When users feel like they are understood and their needs can be met, it is far more likely that they will engage with content and continue their customer journey. Understanding your target audience leads to a clearer content strategy, which in turn leads to intelligent targeting. Then, through predictive analysis, Fospha can help you determine the kind of upper funnel content that will filter down into your lower funnel, and how you can measure this. This means that you can focus on your upper funnel without feeling like you need to sacrifice anything in your lower funnel. In fact, the two can go hand in hand. Fospha’s report found that brands that invested in the upper funnel for more than 10 months have lower acquisition costs and higher ROAS on average than those who do not invest at all.

This is not a paid partnership, but a genuine appreciation for Fospha, who have created a valuable tool. The combination of useful tools, seamless integration and full-funnel approach – all done at lightning speed – is a business productivity dream. Fospha gets our vote for anyone who needs clarity, efficacy, and efficiency in their data-driven marketing.

Check them out: Fospha E-Commerce Report Q1 2024 



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