Hybrid Roundtable taking place May 26th at 3pm UK Time.

Learn how to get the most out of the new event landscape and maximise the returns from your involvement.

The last couple of years has seen an explosion of virtual events, as everyone from traditional event organisers to products, brands and even restaurants have looked to take their offering online in an attempt to continue to connect with customers and clients.

Two years in and with ‘the new normal’ still evolving as we begin to learn to live with the impacts of the pandemic we want to ask what is next for the future of events and can there be a definitive winner when it comes to pitching virtual against face to face?

This Roundtable will provide an opportunity to share perspectives on the pros and cons of each and look to establish ‘what next’ for B2B events as we look ahead to the rest of 2022 and beyond. It will cover;

  • Are the pros and cons different depending on if you’re an attendee, a speaker, an exhibitor or an organiser?
  • Is the only benefit of face to face – the human interaction?
  • The challenge of flexibility – great for an attendee, but how does an organiser ensure people turn up to a virtual event?
  • With the growth in virtual – what new techniques are there to reach your audience and stand out?
  • Can there be a winner? Is Hybrid the answer?

Forbes has this to say Virtual events are here to stay, but once the situation improves, we should opt for in-person events whenever possible. FORBES

Agree or disagree? Reserve your place now and bring your views and experiences as we look to bring both sides together in Virtual vs Face to Face Events – The Showdown


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