A Reliable, Scalable Solution

Contentive provides B2B marketers qualified leads from within the professional communities we serve: Finance, Fintech, HR and Digital Marketing.

Technology-Led Innovation

We are a technology-led business, constantly innovating to improve the experience we offer our audiences. Professional executives have changing information needs, and keeping on top of these shifts is critical to our success.

Our proprietary technology stack combines marketing automation and a customer data platform, allowing us to continuously monitor the topic and format preferences of our audiences. This enables us to personalise their experience – online or at an event – driving higher engagement rates, and providing us with unrivalled intelligence and insight about each community’s behaviours and preferences.

Our Approach


We start by understanding how you want to measure success – whether that’s through marketing or sales-qualified leads, brand-building, networking or thought-leadership. 


Once we understand your goals and objectives, we build a bespoke campaign recommendation, targeted through a single Contentive brand or several of our communities. 


We develop a dedicated distribution strategy by disseminating your content across the most relevant channels, tailored to drive engagement with your audience. 


From the moment a campaign is launched, our goal is engagement of your target audience. We track the quality and volume of engagements against both your objectives and our campaign benchmarks.


We constantly monitor and improve the performance of all live campaigns, keeping you updated every step of the way. This is an opportunity to learn what content works best for our community and optimise across all channels. 


Each campaign ends with a detailed report, showcasing the results of each campaign element, the conversion rates from one activity to the next, and any lessons that can be applied to future campaigns.

Purpose-Built Technology

Contentive’s technology stack combines a proprietary analytics platform with best-in-class marketing automation and retargeting capability.

Designed for You

  • Unrivalled insights on each community’s behaviours, as well as their topic and format preferences.
  • Campaigns crafted to truly engage and resonate with the target audience. 
  • Scope to stitch together separate activities into an integrated, multi-touchpoint campaign to nurture potential customers and deliver genuinely-qualified, motivated leads;
  • Transparent, insightful reporting that really helps to inform future activity.

Why Contentive?

We deliver a truly reliable, scalable B2B marketing channel within the markets we serve. We use technology and best-in-class delivery to enable a completely different service offering from other B2B media and event companies.

Audience Insight

Content creation plays an increasingly important role in positioning your brand as a thought leader. Our experience editorial team and industry thought leaders work alongside each other to build the most relevant campaign for your target audience.

Lead Nurture

Our technology stack enables sophisticated campaign integration and retargeting, helping our multi-touchpoint campaigns to deliver highly qualified, motivated leads.

Full Transparency

Our reporting delivers unparalleled insights on campaign performance; we are as keen to learn and optimise as you are, so transparency will never be an issue.

Product & Ad Specifications

The Contentive family of sites supports multiple advertising types across from standard display advertising to native content, re-targeting to webinars. These guides outline the requirements for advertisements in each format and placement.