“Believe, Achieve, Inspire.”

This is the motto behind Palaces on Wheels, a new initiative by the British Asian Trust. Starting from Highgrove House in the heart of the Cotswold

s, the challengers will follow a 250-mile journey to Sandringham. An itinerary filled with UK’s most iconic royal houses and palaces over four days of cycling! An epic adventure for a noble cause; to raise vital funds to support the fantastic work for the Trust in South Asia.

Inspiring to us all, our CEO, Sandeep Saujani, has joined this Charity Challenge after the past year allowed him to get back on his bike and connect with his family and friends.

“When my kids asked me why I’d decided to take on this 400km cycle ride, I tried to explain child trafficking to them at the dinner table. It really was impossible for me to find a way to clarify their total confusion as to why this could ever happen anywhere to anyone on our planet. I agree, and that’s why we must stop it.

“Hi, I am Sandeep. Born here in the UK to Gujarati parents from Uganda who landed here in the early ’70s and a proud British Asian. I’ve lived near London for the last 30 years with a few long stints overseas in India, France, Ecuador, and the US. Home is now in NW London with my incredible wife, Jay, and three kids, Kian, Ari and Romi.“In my role as CEO of Contentive, we build professional communities and help people in business to embrace innovation so they can solve their biggest work challenges. Our work coming out of COVID is more important than ever before.
“Outside of work, lockdown has inspired me to cycle much more with my family; lockdown has reminded me how incredibly lucky I am and urged me to support social causes that matter to me. And so this cycling challenge brings all of this together and comes at the ideal time! I really am very grateful for all your support to provide quality education for young people, empower women in poverty, and help to eradicate child trafficking in South Asia.”


If you too feel inspired by Sandeep’s action and feel the urge to be a part of something bigger that will really make a difference, have a look at British Asian Trust’s website and make it happen! Very grateful to have your sponsorship or just to spread the word about the ride and cause – any action could create a ripple of change.