About Our Customer

Data-driven customer insights

Our customer activates data to give customer-centric marketers a unique advantage. Its market-leading customer data platform transforms information silos into operational business superpowers, whilst its tools go beyond insight and into action – democratizing data through integrations and real-time personalization. They have been named as one of the key market players in the emerging Customer Data Platform space.

Campaign Objectives

To generate global brand awareness and recognition a leading customer data platform.

To reach and engage with senior marketers globally looking for help with managing their data.

To deliver qualified leads that have requested a demo of the innovative solution.

The Campaign

Taking place over a three month period, this campaign was primarily based around a global webinar with supporting content to drive awareness, distill highlights and subsequently nurture the leads.

The Results

"2 new long-term clients - what more do I need to say!"

Lead nurturing campaign

All readers who interacted with the content were passed into a lead nurturing campaign. This was a three step process which included a supporting whitepaper, a case-study and finally a chance for the lead to sign-up for a free demo.

As you can see below after just a few weeks we had driven 35 qualified demo requests and 14 people who expressed interest but were not quite ready for a demo.

Out of the 35 that requested the demo our customer acquired 2 new long-term clients. We were also able to score leads based on their engagement and identify those that had the highest propensity to become a customer so that Fospha could continue to nurture them.

A total campaign reach of over 1 million readers

826 Webinar Registrants & 35% live attendeance

35 demo requests