About Our Customer

Innovative payments solution for banks

Our customer specialises in software solutions for electronic money, payment systems, capital markets and ERP. A market leader for card management, payment networks access and order management, the company also operates as key partner in the international market, acting through its subsidiaries. They serves major commercial & central banks and the main Financial Services centres in Italy and Europe, and the main global broker dealers of the Global Fortune 500.

Campaign Objectives

Increase brand awareness, highlighting the challenges of instant payments and key solutions, in tandem with a thought leadership article publication to engage our financial and business professional audience, which was featured on the homepage and industry newsletter for our community.

Engage with audience of financial and business professionals

Position payments technology provider as leading solution

Deliver sales qualified leads across the account

The Campaign

Integrated campaign approach we delivered a webinar, distributed whitepaper and nurturing campaign on a topic was pertinent with upcoming banking developments and of keen interest to banking professionals.

The Results

A successful webinar with the registrant numbers of 444 leads. The registrant leads as well as event performance and whitepaper download leads were provided to the client in a post event summary report.

444 registrant number to the webinar

Attendee numbers 268; 60% attendance to the live event

400 whitepaper downloads of the report