ClickZ Tech Buyers Forum Launches in NYC and London!

Marketers now spend 33% of their budget on new technologies and with the landscape growing from just 150 tracked marketing technologies in 2011 to over 5,000 in 2017, it has become almost impossible to determine which technologies are the best fit. That is exactly why ClickZ decided to launch the Tech Buyers Forum which are driven by the collective knowledge held in the ClickZ and Search Engine Watch communities.

The first Buyers Guide covered Bid Management Tools with an event to launch the results in NYC on Wednesday 31 January and London on Wednesday 21 February, which showcased a guide to bid management tools and was presented by Clark Boyd, industry expert and former Director at iProspect UK.

Paid Search Landscape

$92.4 billion was spent on paid search worldwide in 2017, a number that looks set to increase this year as Google launches new audience-driven advertising options, and both Amazon and Pinterest planning to enter the fray.

The role of a bid management platform has evolved significantly in line with the industry’s level of sophistication. Advertisers use these software packages to get more out of their paid media budgets, starting with their ability to manage budgets to campaign KPI’s in a more effective and efficient manner than AdWords alone can achieve.

Moreover, the landscape is expanding to encompass visual formats like Pinterest, along with the variety of ecommerce opportunities that Amazon brings. Meanwhile, Google continues to evolve its product suite to target upper-funnel consumers and perfect the conversion journey.

The Role of Bid Management Software

Not only does this ever-changing ecosystem require a new strategic approach; it also requires advanced technology to manage a brand’s portfolio across all platforms.

As a result, a wide variety of sophisticated paid media campaign management platforms aim to cut through the complexity to improve performance, from awareness through to conversion and retention.

However, each technology offers subtly different features and marketers need to choose their software carefully.

Bid Management ClickZ Forum and Guide

Over the last few months ClickZ conducted a survey of our 900,000+ monthly readers across ClickZ and Search Engine Watch with the purpose of reviewing bid management tools. The response was incredible, gathering over 1,600 reviews from current customers of the leading platforms; Acquisio, Kenshoo, Adobe, DoubleClick, Marin Software and Wordstream.

Based on interviews with the technology providers and a survey to our readers the team distilled all of the key findings into a Buyers Guide that will was presented by industry researchers at a Buyers Forum event.

All of the vendors evaluated in the guide cited figures of at least 20% performance improvements on average for their clients, so there are obvious business benefits to using these technologies.

The forum covered the following:

  • An overview of the key technologies in the market.
  • The key components of Bid Management Tools.
  • Deep-dive into each technology (Acquisio, Adcore, Adobe, Marin Software, Ignition One, Kenshoo, Wordstream) covering prediction accuracy, reporting, client support and pricing.
  • How bid management platforms are evolving to fulfill the needs of today’s marketer.
  • The results from the 1,600 platform reviews from the readers of ClickZ and Search Engine Watch.

You can download a copy of the report here. 

Tech Buyers Forum

The series of buyers guides are intended to facilitate better decisions from senior marketers when evaluating technology platforms. The marketing technology space is more advanced and crowded than ever, with 33% of marketing budgets now spent on technology.

The stakes are high and it can be difficult to find an objective opinion on which vendors provide the best product for a marketer’s specific requirements.

The buyers guides will reveal the results from our community surveys, along with expert opinions from ClickZ and Search Engine Watch.

The aim is to provide a useful and insightful guide that will help brands identify the vendors that can help them meet their business objectives.

Upcoming Tech Buyers Forum 2018

In the coming months, the ClickZ team will be covering the latest martech tools and technologies across SEO, Email Marketing and Analytics.


  • NY – May 3
  • LDN – May 17

Email Marketing 

  • NY – May 22
  • LDN – May 31


  • NY – Jun 14
  • LDN – Jun 21

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