Celebrating International Women’s Day: #PressforProgress

To mark International Women’s Day we wanted to share some inspiring words of advice from Nilofer Merchant.

Nilofer Merchant is a master at turning seemingly “wild” ideas into new realities. A bestselling author on innovation and collaborative work, a TED main stage speaker, and the recipient of the 2013 “Future Thinker Award” from Thinkers50. Nilofer was also a keynote speaker at the recent HRD Summit 2018.

The Power of Onlyness: Nilofer Merchant Interview on HRD Connect

We also asked our team what does this year’s theme #PressforProgress mean to them.

What does this year’s theme #PressforProgress mean to you?

Rachel Garner
Business Development Manager

#PressforProgress is about reflecting on the developments that have been made globally towards gender equality; and recognising not only prominent historical figures and modern-day influencers, but also the people in our own lives who inspire us to press for change. #PressforProgress is about ensuring the next generation have role models to encourage them to not stop striving for global equality.

Tanya Gujral
Account Manager

#Pressforprogress to me is about women (and men!) coming together to ensure equal opportunity for all, focusing on positivity and celebrating each other’s success. In my mind, it comes down to education. To facilitate societal change and break through the ‘norms’, we need to be having conversations at every level – whether that is within families, schools or businesses – to openly address the issues, so that we can work towards a new status quo. #Pressforprogress symbolises letting go of fear and aiming to be the best version of myself as a woman, working towards a world with no barriers.

Rosalind Hill
Content Director

For me, this year’s theme serves as a reminder about how much outstanding there is still to achieve with regard to gender parity and equality for all. Just look at some of the companies reporting on the gender pay gap this week, for example: almost 50% of companies with over 250 employees in Great Britain pay women less. It’s really sad to think that in 2018 we’re still having to have these conversations – and I’m speaking from a position of privilege in a first world country. As a group I think we also need to think about women around the world who may not be seeing any progress or whose fundamental human rights are still being oppressed in some way.

Melissa Chan
Product Manager

‘#PressforProgress means spreading awareness for gender equality and ensuring that men are also supporting the movement for gender equality too. It’s about being supportive of all women, and not being afraid to speak up. Believing in them and allowing women to be themselves. To drive for gender equality and inclusion, and continue the fight!

Listen, Challenge & Advise 

To celebrate the day we are gathering with our fellow colleagues and community for an event hosted by Blenheim Chalcot, at Accelerate West, with a panel of leaders in their industry:

  • Isabel Fox, Head of Ventures, White Cloud Capital
  • Jenny Watts, Chief Operation Officer, Dynamo
  • Kate Silverton, Journalist and TV Presenter

We also welcome four talented female entrepreneurial from Imperial College London to pitch their business to the panel and hear their game-changing ideas.

During the session we’ll be discussing ways to improve gender equality and pushing the agenda forward for women in business.

If you’d like to learn more about working at Contentive, then take a look at our careers page or get in touch via [email protected].




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