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GovTech Leaders is the foremost news intelligence and analysis tool for a network of professionals involved in public sector eServices in the UK, from service providers to local authorities and councils to central government departments.

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GovTech Leaders audience of public sector and government professionals are focused on the key developments in citizen-facing eServices and the government’s digital by default campaign, additional editorial insight and staying ahead of what’s next in the industry.


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Our Approach

Our team of experts work with you to understand your campaign objectives and create a customized content led marketing program to cut through the noise to reach and engage with your target audience. We judge the success of your campaign not simply by the number of clicks or downloads but the direct ROI to your business.


We start by understanding how you want to measure success – whether that’s through marketing or sales-qualified leads, brand-building, networking or thought-leadership. 


Once we understand your goals and objectives, we build a bespoke campaign recommendation, targeted through a single Contentive brand or several of our communities. 


We develop a dedicated distribution strategy by disseminating your content across the most relevant channels, tailored to drive engagement with your audience. 


From the moment a campaign is launched, our goal is engagement of your target audience. We track the quality and volume of engagements against both your objectives and our campaign benchmarks.


We constantly monitor and improve the performance of all live campaigns, keeping you updated every step of the way. This is an opportunity to learn what content works best for our community and optimizs across all channels. 


Each campaign ends with a detailed report, showcasing the results of each campaign element, the conversion rates from one activity to the next, and any lessons that can be applied to future campaigns.

Case Study

Our customer is one of the UK’s leading digital technology providers. They deliver success through innovation, working with customers to transform services that make a difference to millions of people across the UK. Working for both the public and private sector, they have earned a strong reputation in delivering transformational services, particularly within local and central government.

Campaign Objectives

To engage with government professionals to build brand awareness across the community around digital transformation within the public sector and generate leads for the service provider.

The Campaign

As part of the 12 month long campaign, a multi-touch marketing campaign was planned with a series of thought leadership articles, promotion in the weekly newsletter a webinar hosted in collaboration with community leaders and banner ads on the site.


The campaign delivered 10 articles per week, with 64,500 mailshot opens since campaign launch and re-targeting generated 30,000 re-targeting impressions across the site and positioned our customer as a leader in the eServices public sector industry.

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